As a team at sprezzatura, we couldn't be happier to have partnered up with mossy earth to offset our carbon emissions. One of the core principles of mossy earth is to remove ambiguity and suspicion around the topic of carbon offsetting, with clear guidelines and the planting of native trees to Ireland - we're working closely with the mossy earth team.


Constantly measuring our impact  and trying to improve our solutions

We have so far planted over 100 trees and that figure will grow through the year 2020 as we more accurately measure our impact.  Another scheme we are delighted to introduce to the Dublin restaurant scene is the opportunity for diners to add a tree onto their bill.


Customers will receive a photo of their sapling and the GPS coordinates of their tree,

Meaning a dining experience at sprezzatura can be totally co2 neutral and your meal can help replant native trees to Ireland. One big question will be, are we profiting off these trees? We're delighted to say, that no we are not, we get a members rate on the tress from mossy earth and we sell them on to you for this rate plus a 25c fee to cover the credit card fees and processing time on the back end.


More information on our carbon offsetting and the opportunity to purchase trees are available from your server in the restaurant, or by emailing eat@sprezzatura.ie

"Ireland was once the most forested country in Europe. Today it has just 11% tree cover and only 2% of which is natural forest. We are working together with a local permaculture farm to reforest a 60 hectare property in a rural area that currently has no wild forests."

It is our belief that every attempt should be made to reduce one's carbon footprint before carbon offsetting is an option, and that offsetting cannot be an excuse to continue polluting."


- MOSSY earth

Mossy earth's website if full of interesting information and facts and figures on their foraois project, you can become a member and look at your own impact, as well as helping out through our methods. They truly are a fantastic group of people and doing great work


Bookings for large groups (more than 6 people) can be made here. We host large groups on our high table in Rathmines.