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As a team at Sprezzatura, we couldn't be happier to have partnered up with Hometree. 


Hometree work to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education.

Hometree began in a small community garden project in winter 2015, where they saw how important it was for people to connect with nature. Five years on, hometree has planted over 30,000 pioneer trees - scots pine, willow and alder - while hundreds of people have contributed time and resources to the vision of incorporating more trees into the Irish landscape, bringing all the benefits that woodlands create.

All trees are planted in County Clare and can be added to your bill for €5.95


"Hundreds of the trees we planted in the beginning are now over three metres tall. I’ve seen birds flying through them and balanced on their branches, other animals eating and finding shelter and building homes beneath them and this is just in the first few years. We look forward to witnessing the journey from saplings into adolescence. At Hometree we know that we might not see many (if any) reach maturity but it was a blast planting them and it's been such a pleasure to work beside so many passionate people in a simple task of planting trees."

- Co Founder Matt Smith

What began as a tree-planting charity is growing into a project that endeavours to deeply connect people with nature, and facilitates a wide variety of fundamental projects to address both Ireland’s declining biodiversity and the unfolding climate challenge.

For more information on Hometree’s projects please visit or contact @hometreecharity

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